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The Birth of the Kwangsi (Guangxi) Air Force

43 pages, illustrated, colour profiles

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The Birth of the Kwangsi (Guangxi) Air Force

Lennart Andersson

Development of the Kwangsi Air Force, one of several local air forces in China, started with a thorough training programme and British advisers, but a row of mortal accidents and many aircraft damaged put an end to that period. A number of Japanese instructors replaced the British pilots and mechanics and a complete reorganisation of the training establishment followed.

Since its inauguration in February 1932, the Kwangsi Air Force had acquired all its aircraft and other equipment from one single firm, the Far East Aviation Company in Hong Kong, which represented a number of British aviation companies. The birth of the Kwangsi Air Force is a unique and fascinating episode in aviation history and it is also one of the many piece in the large puzzle of modern Chinese history.