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The Eagles of Canton
Aviation in South China. The Early Period

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97 pages, illustrated
Published 2016 as an E-book
Revised version
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The Eagles of Canton

Aviation in South China. The Early Period

Lennart Andersson

This book is a detailed study of aviation in the city of Canton and in the Kwangtung Province in South China during the period before 1927. It is based on original reports and other material found in American, British, German and Russian archives, as well as contemporary Chinese newspapers in English.

Compared with my book A History of Chinese Aviation. Encyclopedia of Aircraft and Aviation in China until 1949, this is the result of an even deeper digging into available sources that provides a much better understanding of the aviation scene in South China during this early period. Aviation is often closely linked to politics and war, and the constant struggle between those in power in China at this time constitutes the background for most of the aviation activities.

Canton was one of the most prominent power centres and aviation in this part of China can be regarded as a separate entity that developed independently of what happened for example in Peking. In fact, several different air forces existed also in Canton, even in the period prior to 1927. The first one was organised by Sun Yat-sen and his first government in Canton.

Aviation in China is a fascinating and extremely multifaceted historical subject that never stops to intrigue you, one you get involved!

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