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A History of Chinese Aviation. Encyclopedia of Aircraft and Aviation in China until 1949

Hard bound, 320 pages, 21.6 x 27.9 cm, more than 350 photos, maps, tables, listings, colour profiles. In English. Published by the Aviation Historical Society of the Republic of China

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Chinese Aviation

Sample pages from the book

Preface and Introduction
Early Aviation in China
- The First Aviators
- Peking (Republican Government)

Provincial Air Forces
- Canton Government (Kuomintang)
- Second Kwangtung (Canton) Air Force
- Chekiang (Shanghai)
- Chihli (Paoting)
- Fukien
- Honan
- Hunan
- Hupei
- Kalgan (Kuominchün)
- Kiangsu (Nanking)
- Kwangsi
- Manchuria (Fengtien)
- Shansi
- Shantung
- Sinkiang
- Szechwan
- Yünnan
- Other Local Air Activities

Chinese Air Force
- Central Government, Nanking
- Chinese Naval Aviation
- The CAF in 1942-1945

Chinese Governments Collaborating with Japan

The Civil War

Civil Aviation in China
- Aviation in Hong Kong and Macao
- Minor Companies
- China National Aviation Corporation
- Eurasia
- South-Western Aviation Corporation

Aircraft Production in China
Aircraft Types Designed in China

Foreign Aircraft Types Used in China Until 1941
Aircraft Types Acquired by the CAF 1942-1945

Gliders and Sailplanes in China

Chinese Aircraft Markings and National Insignia

Sources and Literature