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Aviation in the Fukien (Fujian) Rebellion in China 1933

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Aviation in the Fukien (Fujian) Rebellion in China 1933

Lennart Andersson

Tsai Ting-kai, commander of the 19th Route Army and military leader of the Fukien (Fujian) Rebellion was perhaps not a typical Chinese warlord, but he acted like one when he moved into Fukien Province, took power there and acquired an air force of his own. On 20 November 1933 an independent Chinese Republic was proclaimed at Fuchow in Fukien and on the following day a so-called People's Government was set up.

The Central Government under Chiang Kai-shek in Nanking immediately attacked and in the short war that followed the Nanking Air Force played a crucial role. Cities in Fukien were bombed by aircraft that had often been acquired through public subscriptions and had been intended for national defence of China against Japanese aggression. Aircraft, people involved and operations are described kin detail in this e-book, which is based on contemporary newspaper reports and archives in France, Germany, Great Britain and the United States..